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Clients And References

Clients And References

Justin Osteen, LLC is retained both directly by client organizations, and by their legal or accounting professionals. Our clients include many of the largest independent churches, international ministries, religion-related organizations and charities in the USA and Canada, as well as hundreds of smaller non-profit organizations. Some of the professional firms that retain our services include:

Anthony & Kennedy, PC
Grapevine, TX - Contact Matt Anthony at:

Bricker & Eckler
Columbus, OH - Contact Jerry Allen at:

Law Offices of Brooke Asiatico
Richardson, TX - Contact Brooke Asiatico at:

Simpson & Simpson, CPA
Los Angeles, CA – Contact Brainard Simpson/Dominic Gray:

Todd & Weld, LLP
Boston, MA – Contact Matthew J. Fogelman:

Powell Goldstein, LLP
Washington, DC Contact: Nancy Kuhn:

Middlebrook & Goodspeed, PLLC
Dallas TX - Contact David Middlebrook:

Caplin & Drysdale
Washington, DC

Berke, Kent & Ward, LLP
Calabasas, CA – Contact Kenneth J. Berke

H. Douglas Duncan, Attorney at Law
Lodi, CA -

King & Spalding, LLC
Atlanta, GC – Contact Stephanie (Stevie) Casteel: