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Welcome To Justin Osteen, LLC

Compensation Consultants to Churches, Ministries & Nonprofit Organizations


Justin Osteen, LLC is recognized as a leading compensation consulting firm specializing in the compensation practices of churches, ministries and non-profit organizations in the USA and Canada.

We develop tailor-made Executive Compensation Reports that provide these organizations with timely, accurate and relevant information about appropriate pay for their executives and other employees, based on our in-house data sources of hundreds of industries and several thousand job positions. Our unique Justin Osteen, LLC Confidential Survey is perhaps the most extensive database of compensation practices of independent, non-denominational churches and ministries.

We also develop Retrospective Compensation Studies, which analyze the comparison of compensation actually received in past years by an individual with the ranges of compensation that would have been expected during those years, thus documenting cumulative under-compensation. This can be especially useful to Independent Compensation Committees in establishing or adjusting retirement and deferred compensation plans for ministerial and executive employees.

 In addition to providing timely and relevant data to help Compensation Committees develop competitive and fair compensation packages for its executives, our research is aimed at helping the client fulfill the requirements of the Safe Harbor provisions of the Intermediate Sanctions law that prohibits “excess benefit”.